Al-Khadija Women’s Empowerment Workshop: March 30th, 2014

Al-Khadija Women's Empowerment Program and Five Points Youth Foundation Photo Gallery

On Saturday, March 30st, the Al-Khadija Women’s Empowerment Program held a workshop on silkscreen printing as it relates to community arts. The workshop, which was held in the Five Points Youth Foundation Garden, allowed the participants to engage in making their own t-shirt print of the Al-Khadija Women’s Empowerment Program’s logo as well as learn about the process of designing a print and seeing it through production.

The session was led by Aly Kourouma, a local graphic artist and designer. During the workshop, he allowed the participants to alter the design of their shirts through pressing the ink and went over the products needed to create homemade designs for entrepreneurial efforts.

The final women’s empowerment workshop will be held on April 19th, from 9am-12pm in the Leavey 4, 1st floor conference room at Loyola Marymount University.