Al-Khadija Women’s Empowerment Program: Nov 9th Workshop Recap

Five Points Youth Foundation Volunteers rebuilding an urban garden in Los Angeles
Next to a desolate and neglected alley…
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Sits the Five Point Youth Foundation’s community garden. Used throughout the year for community empowerment events, the garden is an oasis for the congested South LA neighborhood. It was the perfect place for the Al-Khadija Empowerment Program to continue with a workshop on community gardening and engagement on Sat., November 9th. The workshop was lead by Mitchell Casillas, a local gardening expert. With Casillas’ guidance, the girls were able to learn how to plant a variety of edible flowers, fruits and vegetables. They learned about recycling and composting, and the level of sustainability that having and cultivating a garden brings to an inner-city community.

The hands-on gardening lesson was followed by lunch and a discussion, led by Raeesah Reese and Linda Tenerowicz. The LMU students spoke to the girls about the ways in which they can increase their involvement in the community. They also shared information on sustainability in inner-city communities and its impact on health and education.