Al-Khadija WEP

With the support of Five Points Youth Foundation, Inc., this program’s platform is devised using a faith-based approach that is encompassing, tolerant and empowering.

Al-Khadija Women’s Empowerment Program hopes to provide a space for youth, specifically women, to not only identify the societal impediments to their success, but also to strive for their own liberation within the context of economic stability, educational freedom, and personal relationships.

Our intent is to contribute to the unification of the community through a socially stimulating program consisting of workshops on issues and topics relevant to the lives of young women of color and ultimately create a co-operative that will support an empowerment scholarship fund. This approach is rooted in the Islamic philosophy and concept of Ummah, which can be understood as a form of community organizing, or unification that allows the participants to work toward empowering each other regardless of race, class, and religion.


About The Founder, Raeesah Reese


Originally from Inglewood California, I am a senior screenwriting major and theology minor from Loyola Marymount University. My academic interests involve examining the impact of the formation of cultural myth, religious identity, and political and historical development on women’s social movement. I am deeply passionate about channeling my professional aspirations into further developing my work with young women of color in low-income neighborhoods of South Los Angeles. Through founding the Al-Khadija Women’s Empowerment Program, I have been able to create a space in which young women are able to explore storytelling and community arts in a way that allows them to engage their communities and develop skills as organizers. I am also invested in bridging struggles of women internationally, as I am currently designing an educational trip to Northern India that will allow LMU student participants to focus on the politics of food and faith in India with regard to ecofeminist movement.