April 16, 2016 – Creative Wall Art Event Featuring LA Hicks

photo of LAHICKS street art

Creative Wall Art Featuring LA Hicks in “Five Points Alley” behind Florence Mailbox & Business Center (just west of Jack-in-the-Box on Western)
1820 W. Florence Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90047

Fresh, Locally Grown Organic Food! By ART ‘N FOOD
(A Five Points Youth Foundation Project)

photo of LAHICKS Lifestyle art and fashion

LAHICKS is a lifestyle brand, consisting of creative expressions in a variety of formats and techniques. The work comprises custom abstract art & fashion and has been exhibited by inspirational leaders & entrepreneurs from all over the world. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social communities also feature the brand’s art displayed via street graffiti.

They’re ringing out in cities such as Compton, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Carson, Las Vegas, Jersey, Rochester, New York and many others across the country.

LAHICKS depicts the most vivid abstract art & abstract fashion; “eye candy”. Have a peek at what the rage is all about:

Facebook: LAHICKS
Instagram: @_lahicks