The Five Points Youth Foundation Inc. is a non profit organization with 501 (c) 3  tax exempt status.

Donate to our organization to support the following work:

  • Al-Khadija Women’s Empowerment Program
  • Urban Youth Entrepreneurship Program
  • Neighborhood Empowerment and Economic Development
  • STREAAM Education Initiatives
  • Civic Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Resiliency
  • Youth, Women, At-Risk and Unmet Needs Empowerment Programs to increase the spiritual, political, social, educational, and/or economic strength of individuals and communities


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If you wish to submit a donation via mail or wire transfer, please do so with the following information:

Checks Payable to: Five Points Youth Foundation
Address: 1820 W Florence Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90047

Wire Transfer: US Bank
Bank Routing Number: 122235821
FPYF Account: 157500156383