Holiday Harvest Feast

Five Points Youth Foundation Holiday Pie

As anyone who is a member of our organization knows, wholesome food is very important to us and while not everyone that participates in our events will celebrate the various winter holidays…. this is a time of year to come together with those who are important, reflect, rejoice and eat great food!

We at the Five Points Youth Foundation are always working diligently to make a difference in our community, and Christmas Eve is no different. During this short workday, we are very grateful for this lovely holiday feast, using produce from the FPYF community garden.

In addition to our gardening program, Art ‘N Food is a division of FPYF which is vital in introducing unique ways to prepare the vegetables grown in our “backyard”. Many times, people shy away from trying new vegetables because they are unsure about ways to prepare them. While we love most of grandma’s cooking, we admit that we hated brussel sprouts until we realized that there were so many ways to prepare them. Boiling them to death is no longer an option….and we want to share that knowledge.

We wish there was such a thing as smellivision, so you could experience the glorious scents permeating the office.



GreenSaladHappy Holidays!